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 Bild The Free Original Berlin Alternative Tour

The Free Original Berlin Alternative Tour

  • East Side Gallery
  • Street art
  • Graffiti
  • Modern Culture
  • And much more
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    The Free Original Berlin Alternative Tour

    There is a side of Berlin that people are talking about and it’s not what you typically expect of a European capital. Berlin’s history behind the wall saw the development of a very special culture and the artistic brand that Berlin has become famous for.

    Enjoy making new friends on this fun and interactive tour, featuring:
    -Stories of West Berlin
    -The East Side Gallery
    -The Graffiti culture
    -Street Art scene
    -Alternative districts
    -Food and markets
    -Clubs and bars
    -Insider tips to the REAL best of Berlin’s Clubs, Bars, Parks, Markets, Food
    and a lot more…

    We don’t believe it is fair to put a price tag on your Berlin experience so the free tour allows you to choose how much to pay.
    Your guide lives on donations and really appreciates your generosity at the conclusion of the tour.

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    This tour is designed to show you the culture of the ‘Alternative’ side of Berlin, exploring the districts of Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

    Aside from the paint covered walls and illegal art this tour will introduce you to the projects that shape the city, the communities fights and protests that protect its special lifestyle.
    We visit parks and markets, explore Berlin’s lesser known neighbourhoods and learn stories of Berlin’s unique history, see art from local and international artists and a lot more.

    Book-Now-button-red-0103-lgEveryday @ 12.30  &15:30

     Meeting in front of Pirates by the East Side Gallery Mühlenstraße 78-80, 10243 Berlin


    Some Impressions Free Alternative Berlin Tour

    Tour Details

    Everyday @ 12.30 &15:30
    in front of Pirates by the East Side Gallery Mühlenstraße 78-80, 10243 Berlin
    My boyfriend and I were lead on our tour by a fellow Brit named Sam (sadly from the south but what can you do?). Luckily he was a brilliant guide, a historian actually and he seemed genuinely excited about the city (a huge achievement for someone who's been touring for a while) he told us heaps of things we previously didn't know and even now we refer to 'our walking tour' and quote various facts. It was three hours long but went by in a flash, couldn't recommend the tour enough! You won't begrudge tipping at the end - it really is worth it! - Rachieonstage
    Elle R, UK
    This was an amazing tour. Jamin was a great guide - very knowledgeable about Berlin's alternative scene and was more than happy to help out with recommendations for bars etc etc. I got to see a whole different side of Berlin that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise! - Elle R, UK
    Kitty Fantastic, UK
    Did the 10:30am tour with Miguel. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and open to answer any. They were very safety conscious and they took us to quiet and shady areas with frequent stops as the temperature was so high...   - Kitty Fantastic, UK