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 Bild The Original Berlin Street Art Workshop

The Original CITY Street Art Workshop

  • Street Art
  • Graffiti
  • Stencil techniques
  • Make your own art
  • and more.
  • 15€

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    The Original Berlin Street Art Workshop

    Everyone who visits Berlin notices the graffiti and street art, because it’s very hard not to. The graffiti and street art scene is massive in the capital of culture and you could spend your whole trip to Berlin tryin to discover it all.
    If you are captivated by the the amount of art in public space here and wish to know how it’s done we have this very cool tour just for you.

    Our street art workshop will take you on a short tour of the graffiti and street art near to our meeting point and then you will visit our basement workshop where you can put your new found artistic passion into practice.
    Learn about the styles and techniques used by artists from around the world and make your very own piece of art that you can either take home with you or install in the streets.

    This tour features:
    -The history and culture of street art and graffiti
    -Graffiti writing, tags & styles
    -Paste up and tile work
    -Stencilling techniques
    and a few more surprises …

    We can organise this tour to run any day at your preference
    please contact info@originalberlintours.com to make a reservation.

    15€ per person

    Meets @ One80 hostel, Otto-Braun-Straße 65, 10178 Berlin

    For large groups, bookings for other days or any other questions please email: info@originalberlintours.com
    -reference the Original Berlin Street Art Workshop

    *Guests may need a valid “AB transit” ticket

    Some Impressions

    Tour Details

    Time arranged with booking
    One80 hostel, Otto-Braun-Straße 65, 10178 Berlin (Alexanderplatz)
    My boyfriend and I were lead on our tour by a fellow Brit named Sam (sadly from the south but what can you do?). Luckily he was a brilliant guide, a historian actually and he seemed genuinely excited about the city (a huge achievement for someone who's been touring for a while) he told us heaps of things we previously didn't know and even now we refer to 'our walking tour' and quote various facts. It was three hours long but went by in a flash, couldn't recommend the tour enough! You won't begrudge tipping at the end - it really is worth it! - Rachieonstage
    Elle R, UK
    This was an amazing tour. Jamin was a great guide - very knowledgeable about Berlin's alternative scene and was more than happy to help out with recommendations for bars etc etc. I got to see a whole different side of Berlin that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise! - Elle R, UK
    Kitty Fantastic, UK
    Did the 10:30am tour with Miguel. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and open to answer any. They were very safety conscious and they took us to quiet and shady areas with frequent stops as the temperature was so high...   - Kitty Fantastic, UK